This chart is a quick reference guide to assist in the selecting a glove material appropriate to your chemical resistance needs. 

Chemical Latex Vinyl Nitrile
 Acetaldehyde  Excellent  Poor  Fair 
 Acetic Acid  Excellent  Fair   Good 
 Acetone  Excellent  Poor  Poor 
 Ammonium Hydroxide  Excellent  Excellent   Excellent 
 Amyl Acetate  Poor   Fair   Fair
 Aniline  Good  Poor   Excellent 
 Animal Fats  Fair  Poor   Excellent 
 Asphalt   Poor   Poor   Excellent 
 Benzylic Alcohol  Fair   Excellent  Excellent
 Bleach  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Boric Acid  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Brake Fluid  Fair  Fair  Excellent
 Butyl Acetate  Poor  Fair  Fair
 Carbon Tetrachloride  Poor  Fair  Good
 Chloracetone  Excellent  Poor  Poor
 Chromic Acid 50%  Poor  Good  Fair
 Citric Acid 10%  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Creosote  Fair  Excellent  Excellent
 Cutting Oil  Poor  Excellent  Excellent
 Cyclohexane  Poor  Poor  Excellent
 Diesel Fuel  Poor  Poor  Excellent
 Diethanolamine  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Diethyl Ether  Fair  Fair  Excellent
 Dioctyl Phtalate (DOP)  Fair  Poor  Good
 Ethyl Acetate  Good  Poor  Poor
 Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)  Excellent  Fair  Excellent
 Ethylene Glycol  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Fertilizers  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Fish (Shell Fish)  Fair  Fair  Excellent
 Fluorides  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Formaldehyde 37% (Formalin)  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Fuel Oil  Poor  Fair  Excellent
 Gasoline  Poor  Fair  Excellent
 Hexane  Poor  Fair  Excellent
 Household Detergents  Good  Good  Good
 Hydraulic Fluid  Excellent  Good  Excellent
 Hydrochloric Acid 30%  Fair  Good  Excellent
 Hydrofluoric Acid 30%  Good  Good  Excellent
 Hydrogen Peroxide  Good  Poor  Excellent
 Kerosene  Poor  Fair  Excellent
 Linseed Oil  Poor  Good  Excellent
 Methyl Alcohol (Methanol)  Excellent  Good  Excellent
 Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)  Fair  Poor  Poor
 Methyl Formate  Fair  Fair  Fair
 Mineral Oils  Poor  Fair  Excellent
 Naphtha  Poor  Fair  Excellent
 Naphthalene  Poor  Fair  Good
 Nitric Acid  Good  Fair  Fair
 Nitrobenzene  Poor  Poor  Fair
 Oleic Acid  Fair  Fair  Excellent
 Perchloroethylene  Poor  Poor  Good
 Phosphoric Acid  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Photo Developer Fixer  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Pine Oil  Poor  Fair  Excellent
 Potassium Hydroxide 50% KOH  Excellent  Excellent  Fair
 Poultry  Fair  Poor  Excellent
 Propylene Dichloride  Poor  Poor  Fair
 Silicates  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Sodium Hydroxide 50% NaOH  Excellent  Fair  Fair
 Sodium Hypochlorite  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Stearic Acid   Good  Good  Good
 Sulphuric Acid (Concentrated)  Poor  Good  Poor
 Sulphuric Acid (Diluted)  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Tetrahydrofuran (THF)  Fair  Poor  Poor
 Toluene (Toluol)  Poor  Fair  Fair
 Trinitrobenzene  Poor  Fair  Good
 Turpentine  Poor  Good   Excellent
 Vegetable Oil   Poor  Fair  Excellent
 Weed Killer  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Wood Preservatives   Poor   Fair   Excellent 
 Xylene  Poor  Poor  Good