Where to Buy Best Medical Nitrile Exam Gloves?

Where to Buy Best Medical Nitrile Exam Gloves?

Medical Nitrile Exam gloves are used while dealing with patients especially those involving blood, infection, or bodily fluid. Healthcare workers, doctors, dentists, caregivers cannot work without gloves. These gloves are made with unique compound formulas for extreme protection and performance. They protect the hands and their material keeps them safe from any contaminated object or surface. Furthermore, these gloves are waterproof, latex-free, Vinyl free, BPA-free, and powder-free. 

Nitrile exam gloves do last for a good period. To ensure their lifespan, keep them away from direct sunlight or heat. As compared to latex gloves, they are strong and more resistant to a range of chemicals and substances. The puncture resistance is higher and available in different colors. Without a doubt, they are dexterous and efficient. It is best for people who have allergies. Medical nitrile exam gloves have a lower rate of allergy than latex gloves. Hence, this makes it a much better choice for people with sensitive skin.

Here is the list of few highly trusted websites from where the best nitrile exam gloves can be bought.

1. SteriMed

SteriMed website was established in 2002 and has been in service ever since then. It is furnished with more than 30 years of manufacturing know-how. SteriMed splendidly supplies an expansive range of disposable gloves, both Natural Rubber and synthetic alike. 

SteriMed likes to work closely with their partner factories with several standard shipments, inspections, and periodic factory facility audits. Therefore, to make sure quality requirements are met, which are set by their consumers. Their prime focus is to support the customers with quality products, outstanding service, competitive prices, and proven marketing support to grow their glove sales.

Moreover, SteriMed has three different colors available for medical nitrile exam gloves.

  1. Nitrile white
  2. Nitrile blue
  3. Nitrile violet 

Packaging contains 100 pieces per box and 10 boxes per carton. It can be ordered and inquiries can be made directly through their website, by providing the required information and submitting it.

2. Eigshop

Evergreen International Group set forth on a small scale as a company in West Los Angeles serving Eva Care Groups, proficient nursing facilities. Today they have expanded more than 300 facilities with warehouses. Evergreen International Group’s core purpose is to provide the best products needed for nursing. And making customer service the most localized, personalized, and efficient for all of their valued customers. Their staff procures pride in exceeding customer expectations which earns an outstanding reputation, while also helping customers save money in the process. 

Eigshop offers free shipping over 50$ above shopping, a top-notch support system for customer service. Secure payment method and within 30 days return policy. And an order tracking facility. With easy access to the site, Eigshop has made it easy for the customer to opt for wholesale nitrile gloves for sale and other products as well as outstanding discount offers. With a single click, the item gets into your cart without any hassle.

Given the price rate of nitrile exam gloves on site is $38.50 which with a discount of 61% makes it $14.99.

3. Nitrile 510 Kusa

Nitrile510kusa is a subsidiary company of Dr. Q Medical Supply LLC. And for over 25 years nitrile 510k usa has been providing the best quality disposable medical nitrile exam gloves and other PPE equipment. It is a leading medical supply in the midwest region of the Chicago land area. Its focus is on selling gloves that provide you with best-in-class solutions for your needs at an all-time low price available. 

During this period they’ve learned an excellent deal about the specifications and features that deliver dependable performance. However, the quality of gloves won’t be compromised just for the sake of selling at a low rate in the market. 

They offer a hundred percent refund offer if found an issue with the delivery, efficient shipping service, and offers on custom quotes.

It has nitrile gloves of different types and various price rates. Some are mentioned as follow;

  1. Amy Pharma Nitrile Examination Glove, with the cost of $16.99/Box (100 gloves) – $169.90/Case (10 Boxes) 

2. Vglove Vietnam Nitrile Examination Glove cost $21.99/Box (100 gloves) – 219.90/Case (10 Boxes) 

3. Nitrile/Vinyl Blend Glove cost $12.99/Box (100 gloves) – 129.90/Case (10 Boxes)

4. VINA Vietnam Nitrile Examination Gloves cost $18.99/Box (100 gloves) – 189.90/Case (10 Boxes)